February 27, 2021
What is a Freelancer?

What Do You Think Freelancers Are? What is a Freelancer?

What is a freelancer? We’ve been called many things – from self-employed people, non-affiliated staff – even business owners!

While some thoughts are flattering, the wide majority isn’t!

What makes an individual a freelancer?

Freelancers in a Nutshell

In the most basic terms, a freelancer is an individual who isn’t employed but is accepting jobs, projects, or contracts from people or employers.

It’s confusing – I know, but you’ll get around it.

Should this be your first time hearing about freelancers, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

The infamous pandemic took millions of jobs, tens of thousands of business from all across the globe. This forced people to pave their own paths and ways to earn money – and that includes freelancing.

Freelancing in the Philippines

The Philippines is one of the countries that really haven’t adopted the digital life.

Many businesses still utilize traditional marketing tools and tactics; there are still a lot of people who rely on flyers and newspaper job postings, you know the rest.

Some of the most common reasons why our country is not adapting to that change are:

  • Many are contented with what they have and how they’re earning;
  • Not everyone has the ability to access the internet;
  • Filipinos are skeptics – they don’t believe the idea of working remotely; and
  • Many more

Aftermath of the Pandemic

We’ve been one of the many countries hit hard by the pandemic; it’s undeniable. Because of this, people started to learn more about the digital world.

Many of our workers found a goldmine in the internet – freelancing.

Many people are starting to become interested at the question of what is a freelancer because of its flexibility.

As a matter of fact, there were news reports about the growing demand for digital jobs in the country.

Understanding What a Freelancer Really Is

Let’s further our knowledge on what a freelancer really is.

Imagine this scenario to start:

A company is looking to enhance their marketing strategy by digitizing it. However, they are unsure of it because of the lack of data provided.

Instead of hiring a person skilled in digital marketing, content creation, and the like, they can choose the option of outsourcing it. What would they do? They will find a freelancer or a seasoned individual skilled in the field.

The company or the organization will be able to get the following benefits by hiring a freelancer:

  • They’ll Save Money
  • Better Service and Performance
  • Many Options
  • Freelancers are Flexible and Versatile
  • Less Supervision

Why Would They Save Money?

Apart from the fact that they wouldn’t be paying for anything on a monthly basis; the work of a freelancer would depend on the output.

No questions asked.

When companies need something to get done, they can setup a contract for a particular freelancer and it’s already up to the freelancer if they’ll accept.

Freelancers Outperform Regular Workers

Freelancers excel on what they do because that’s what they’ve been doing on a daily basis.

A wide majority of freelancers have already experienced A LOT with their previous clients.

For instance, if a company is looking for a graphic designer, there’ll be higher chances of them finding success by hiring a freelance graphic designer.

Many Options

There are tens of thousands of freelancers, and thousands more being born on a weekly basis.

Companies would never experience a shortage of the freelance talent that they need because it’s as big as the ocean.

Flexible and Versatile

Even if a freelancer works on his or her own time, many are known for their flexibility and versatility.

One of the skills that a freelancer must have is to become flexible when it comes to the requests of clients.

In addition, they’re also versatile as many freelancers want to fish for all the jobs they think they can do. Unlike hiring a regular employee or a worker who would be religious about their job duties and responsibilities, freelancers are versatile and flexible depending on your need.

Less Supervision

Freelancers aren’t children or inexperienced employees who would waste time chitchatting with the person next to them.

Most of the time, they would want the work to be finished and get done at the earliest time possible because they have other clients to attend to.

What it Takes to Become a Freelancer?

And contrary to what most people believe in, starting in the freelance business isn’t like A-B-C.

It isn’t free either!

Costs of Being a Freelancer

Nothing’s free in today’s world, in case you’re not aware.

On a more serious note, though, some of the costs of being a freelancer include:

  • Time to learn about a particular skill;
  • Time to get clients; and
  • Energy in competing against well-renowned, famous, and already established freelancers

That doesn’t end there – there are some platforms which require you to pay in order to get a chance to work with a client, like UpWork.

Wrapping It Up

So… What is a freelancer? Freelancers are individuals with a specific set of skills that are hired to improve or help a company or a business with what it needs.

Being a freelancer in today’s world isn’t actually hard – and that’s what this blog will be all about.

Our goal is to help people who want to take the path of being a freelancer without paying for anything.

Do you want to be a freelancer? Are you not sure where you can start? Don’t worry, we got you! We’ll be providing all the help and the assistance you need in order for you to have all the strength, knowledge, the mentality, and the skill to enter the freelance industry.

So, does this answer your question what is a freelancer?

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