February 27, 2021

About Us

Freelance Writer Guide PH is a website dedicated to provide assistance, help, and aid to everyone interested to take the freelancing journey. From usual generic topics, guides, tools, to the actions that freelancers need to take – everything will be covered here.

The best part? It’s free. The guides, the tools, and the information that we will be sharing wouldn’t have any cost. Our goal is really to help workers who found themselves wondering what it would be like to tackle the digital market; what it would be like to become a freelancer.

Who Are We?

Who we are is actually irrelevant. We’re not special people, we’re not the best freelancers in the world.

What we are though is a team of experienced, seasoned, and proven freelancers whose goal is to spread valuable information to aspiring Filipino freelancers. Our goal is to transform this blog to be the go-to website of all Filipino freelancers who need help, guidance, and assistance in freelancing.

Why Trust Us?

As of the moment, we’re still handling client requests and we’re still learning how we’ll be better at what we do. We tend to share that knowledge, skill, and expertise to individuals who knock on freelancing industry’s doors.